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Magill Report Fantasy League Set!

By Ken Magill

OK folks. We’ve got 12 teams for The Magill Report Fantasy Football League 2010/11 season that are nicely representative of various facets of the email marketing industry.

We’ve got email service providers, a deliverability firm, a couple marketers, three data providers and, yes, even an anti-spammer (Be nice. He’s a good guy).

This year’s team owners are email service-and-technology providers e-Dialog, InfoGroup Interactive, Harte Hanks, StrongMail and Message Systems; data providers Tower Data, Permission Data and Pontiflex; promotional products firm PL Promotions; ArcaMax Publishing; deliverability concern Return Path and anti-spam expert Mickey Chandler.

Since it would be highly impractical to get everyone into a room—or better yet, a tavern—to conduct a draft, The Magill League’s draft will be automatic.

The Magill Report will include coverage of the league each week until the fantasy season is over.

The Magill Report does not have comments enabled yet. Hopefully they will be enabled before the season begins next week or shortly thereafter.

Assuming The Magill Report’s vendor can get comments turned on in time, smack talk—lighthearted and limited to the competition, of course—is highly encouraged.

The winner of the Magill Report’s 2010/11 season will receive a really cool trophy and a football-shaped sweet sausage from Dietrich’s Meats in Krumsville, PA. Mmmm. Mmm.

Good luck, everybody!

Editor’s note: Luck plays a huge roll in fantasy football and even the best team owners have bad years through no fault of their own. So, Mr. or Ms. VP of marketing or CEO [or CFO; they ruin everything, don’t they?], if Jason or Josh or Jane or whoever you have managing your company’s team has a bad year, give him/her a break. It’s very likely not their fault. Likewise, competitors, please refrain from using a company’s loss or bad season as an excuse to talk smack about the company. For example, a comment such as: “They run their team like they manage their accounts,” would be unacceptable. This league is an attempt to give members of the industry a chance to have some good, clean fun. Play nice.

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