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Magill Report FFL Week 2: Harte-Hanks Roars Back

By Ken Magill

After a disappointing start to their Magill Report Fantasy Footballl League season in week one, Harte-Hanks Heroes came flying out of the gate this week to score 153.28 points in a blowout against Permission Data who scored 68.64, leaving both teams' records at 1-1.

Harte-Hanks' leading scorers were Denver quarterback Kyle Orton with 38.78 points, Philadelphia running back LeSean McCoy with 35.8 points, and Miami's defense with 21 points, giving the Heroes the highest point total this season so far—though it is only week two.

The second leading-scoring team for week two was Message Systems' MS Destroyers, who rode solid performances by Chicago quarterback Jay Cutler and San Francisco running back Frank Gore to beat Mickey Chandler's Spamtacular Bastards by a score of 135.88 to 100.16.

The MS Destroyers-Spamtacular Bastards matchup left both teams with 1-1 records.

Meanwhile, e-Dialog's e-D's TDs benefited from strong outings by Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers and Pittsburgh's defense to beat the ArcaMax Blasters by a score of 130.5 to 92.16. e-Dialog's record is now 2-0. Arcamax's is 0-2.

Return Path Rage took its record to 2-0 by beating the now 0-2 Yesmail Raiders 119.3 to 76.46.

Pl Marketing's Orchard Lake Warrior beat the Pontiflex Dumbos 101.18 to 96.12, leaving both teams with 1-1 records.

Also, the TowerData Techies just barely edged out StrongMail's Orange Crush by a score of 106.96 to 104.76, bringing TowerData's record to 2 -0 and StrongMail's to 0-2.

Early division leaders are e-Dialopg's e-D's TDs, the TowerData Techies and the Return Path Rage, the only three undefeated teams left in The Magill Report FFL.

Author's note to everyone but e-Dialog and Return Path: Yeah, yeah. I know. It looks awfully suspicious when The Magill Report's No. 1 and No. 2 sponsors jump out as division leaders. Trust me. The draft was random and I have had nothing to do with their success. I will admit it's a bit embarrassing, though.

What? What was that, e-Dialog and Return Path? Oh, nothing. I was just telling everyone how proud I am of you guys for coming out of the gate so strong. Yeah. That's what I was saying. Very Proud. Yeppers. Just keep kicking everyone's ass. No problem at all...

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