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Epsilon Unveils New Marketing Platform


By Ken Magill

Well, that only took seven and a half years.

Marketing services firm Epsilon today rolled out a brand-spanking-new digital marketing platform.

Dubbed Agility Harmony, the platform is aimed at replacing the two email marketing platforms its clients send marketing messages from currently: DREAM and DREAMmail.

DREAM and DREAMmail are legacy platforms Epsilon acquired when it bought email marketing firm Bigfoot Interactive in 2005 and DoubleClick’s email unit in 2006.

Ever since those two acquisitions, the goal at Epsilon has been to build a single marketing platform and migrate all of its clients there.

However, in 2006 a bunch of Epsilon’s former Bigfoot and DoubleClick clients apparently weren’t ready to abandon their respective platforms.

“Clients were really passionate about both of the platforms so we decided to maintain and keep both of them running,” said Charles Pendleton, senior director, product marketing for Epsilon. “However, when you maintain two platforms, you’re doubling your efforts and that’s not sustainable over the long term.”

But, he said, as digital marketing has evolved in the intervening years, clients have become more open to a new system.

“With these legacy platforms, it was becoming more difficult for us in this omni-channel world to build something that was seamless or integrated,” he said.

Omni-channel marketing is a buzz phrase currently being tossed around to describe marketing that delivers a seamless experience across all channels. It is being touted as a logical extension of multi-channel and cross-channel marketing.

Pendleton added the migration process for clients to the new platform will be gradual.

“We expect the migration process to take one to two years,” said Pendleton. “We’re being really careful with our clients. They’re ready. We’ve worked very closely with our customers to make sure when we transition their data over that it doesn’t cost them any opportunities.”

The new system boasts all kinds of features and functions designed to help Epsilon’s clients harness all the data they collect from various channels and deliver a so-called omni-channel marketing experience.

For example, Epsilon claims Agility Harmony supports individually optimized content based on the device used to access content, and that it automatically adjusts to the recipient’s preferred time zone and language.

And, of course, it offers social-media integration.

“This is a platform that’s been built from the ground up to be omni channel,” said Pendleton. “The program focuses on real-time one-to-one, versus batch and blast … [Clients] can use any data they have access to for triggering, segmentation or customization,” he said.

Industry rumor has it that Epsilon’s new platform may also be a bid to make inroads into the mid-market sector of email marketing, whereas historically it has been viewed as an enterprise solution.


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Posted by: Raymond Jones
Date: 2014-12-10 16:58:59
Subject: DREAM > Harmony

Recently switched from DREAM to Harmony and the only word that comes to mind is regret. I tried to be unbiased and give it time because everything takes a little getting used to but I am past the denial. Epsilon took a bigger bite than they can chew and lost all the efficiency of DREAM. Honestly, I am contemplating quitting my job just so I don't have to use Harmony.